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The Jews' Greedy, Materialistic, and Parasitic Nature

[Excerpted from MYTH OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, by Alfred Rosenberg]

"The Conflict of Values - Mysticism and Action" -- The Jews

In studying the history and literature of the Jews, one finds almost nothing but energetic endlessly busy activity, a completely one-sided concentration of all energies upon material well-being. From this veritable amoral disposition of spirit a moral code originates which recognizes only one thing: The personal advantage of the Jew. This, in turn, in, results in, religiously and morally permitted per jury, the Talmud "religion" of the "legal" lie.

All naturally egotistic dispositions receive a boost in energy provided by the "morality" which is permitted to them. But, as is the case among almost all peoples of the world where religious and moral ideas and values are placed in the path of purely instinctive whims and lack of control, with the Jews it is the reverse. So, for 2,500 years we see eternally the same picture. Greedy for the goods of this world, the Jew moves from city to city, from land to land and remains where he finds the least resistance to his parasitical business activity. He is driven away but comes back again. One generation is destroyed and the other begins unalterably the same game.

Jugglerlike and half-demonic, laughable and tragic at the same time, despising everything superior while nevertheless feeling himself innocent, we see that he is devoid of the capacity of being able to understand anything other than himself. Eternally he operates under the Satanic name and remains always the same, fervently believing in his "mission" and yet forever a barren and condemned parasite.

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