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Top: Jewish Religions: Christianity: Penetration of The Christian Organizations: Pope John-Paul II's Hinted Jewish Background & Birth: NEWS RELEASE



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Pope’s Ancestry Studied at


By Frank Weltner
Director, Librarian, Publicist
The Scholarly Web Site, Jew Watch

Jew Watch Headquarters, St. Louis, Missouri, April 6, 2022 – Today, Jew Watch NEWS outed Pope John Paul II’s probable Jewish ancestry on its nine-year-old scholarly web site located on the Internet at

The Pope’s mother was Emily Katz, whose Polish name is "Emilia Kaczorowska," which is usually Anglicized by American immigrants to the familiar sounding, "Emily Katz."

The Pope’s father, Karol Wojtyla, Sr.. was a retired army officer and tailor in the town of Wadowice, a town which was the home for 8,000 Catholics and 2,000 Jews 35 miles southwest of Krakow, Poland. When Mr. Wojtyla, Sr., married Emilia Kaczorowska, he was immediately ostracized from his family. Karol and Emilia lived in an apartment which they rented from their Jewish landlord.

According to a CNN story, the Wojtylas had to find found friends within the Jewish community of Wadowice. Their son, also named Karol Wojtyla, went to school with Jews, which was unusual in most Polish towns.

Karol, who was to become Pope of Rome, had as his lifelong friend, a Jewish boy named Jerzy Kluger. Jerzy later negotiated Pope John Paul II’s recognition of Israel by the Vatican. says that, "Except for Jerzy Kluger, most of his friends were poor," which indicates that at least some Jews, such as the Kluger family, were able to function at middle class levels and above in pre-Nazi Poland. Although we know how the Pope escaped Nazi persecution by working in back breaking labor situations, what Jerzy Kluger did to escape persecution at their hands as a Jew is unknown, because the biographies at CNN, PBS, and elsewhere do not delve into Jerzy’s life during this critical time to explain how Mr. Kluger, also of Jewish ancestry, survived the Nazi occupation.

Karol, later to become the Pope, whose name is adorned with a number of impressive medieval titles including "Successor of St. Peter," "Prince of Apostles," "Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church," "Patriarch of the West," "Primate of Italy," "Sovereign of Vatican City," and many other fluffy phrases, escaped Nazi deportation by working as a common laborer in a quarry in 1941, as a chemical worker in 1944, and by hiding in the house of the Archbishop of Krakow in the critical days of the German pullout from Poland in 1944 as the Russians took over that distressed nation.

Jew Watch reports on its website at that the Pope, according to CNN, did not begin studying for the priesthood until 1943, after both of his parents were deceased. His Jewish mother died when the Pope was only nine years old, so he lived with his father most of his life. According to church historians, the Pope’s father was extremely religious and would pray from his knees on the floor each night in the small room where they lived.

Said Frank Weltner, Director and Librarian for the scholarly website, "According to those who knew him, Pope John Paul II was a great actor and poet during his youth. Much of the theatre business in Poland, as in much of Europe and the United States was traditionally owned and controlled in many cities by persons of Jewish descent, so having one Jewish parent and many Jewish friends would have been helpful in obtaining entry into an acting career."

According to Jew Watch NEWS analysis at its web site, the strong likelihood that the Pope is of Jewish descent is seen in the fact that he had to scramble in Poland to avoid deportation. It seems logical that his acting career and poetry publishing brought him "front and center" to the attention of the German occupational forces, more so than if he had not been in these areas of work and authorship.

It is unlikely that the Pope would have been deported for just being a Pole, so the fact of the constant deportation threat lends further logical credence to the contention that he is of Jewish descent. The Germans seem to have been keenly interested in the personal case of Karol Wojtyla, the future Pope of Rome.

According to Jew Watch NEWS which outed Karol Wojtyla’s probable Jewish ancestry, by publishing the story on April 5, 2005, the future Pope of Rome continued his pastor’s studies from 1943-1946 to become an ordained priest. He continued studying, receiving two masters degrees and one doctorate before taking up his priestly duties as an Assistant Pastor in Krakow which was at that time within Soviet occupied communist Poland.


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